Size & Fit

Sizing info

For most people we only need to know your height and chest measurements to size your custom jacket correctly. 


To measure your height, stand straight against a wall or door frame. Have a friend place something light and flat (a small book works well) on your head, and mark on the wall the underside of the object. Measure from the floor to the mark in cm.


To measure your chest, stand straight with your arms resting at your sides while breathing normally ( you don't need to take a deep breath ). Have a friend wrap a tape measure (or string that you'll measure afterwards) under your armpits and over your shoulder blades, recording the largest part of your chest, parallel to the ground. You don't need to add extra for bulky clothes - we'll do that from your measurements, so please don't alter your measurement figures.

Unique Measurements? Things we may need to know

  • Is your waist is bigger than your chest?
  • Is your wingspan is longer than your height? Your wingspan is the length from finger tip to fingertip when your arms are held out to the sides.
  • Are you a woman ordering a man's jacket for yourself? Men & women generally have different overall height : torso length ratios. If you think your ratios may not be standard for the jacket you are ordering, let us know. We may want to know the top-to-bottom length of your favourite jacket. 
  • Do you have any other unique features you think would help us get the size correct? For example, are you in a wheel chair?